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Acabei de receber um e-mail do site que assino www.trendwatching.com (http://www.trendwatching.com/briefing/), clique para ler o conteúdo todo, mas trago aqui uma tendência mundial que se as empresas entendessem melhor como funciona.... é uma versão nova e atualizada (web 3.0) do conceito de fidelização de clientes. Vejam o que anda acontecendo mundo afora com a ajudinha da internet....


Hot on the heels of last month’s briefing on consumers becoming SELLSUMERS, here are some additional clever new ventures that help ordinary consumers make money instead of spending it:

  • Advertising | British Everyday Models invites consumers to rent out aspects of their daily life to advertisers: whether it's their clothes, car, house or online profile. The idea of individuals renting out their own foreheads or tee-shirts as billboards is not new, but the founders of Everyday Models (British student James Brookner and photographer Matt Garcia) are the first to create a business model around brokering other people’s possessions as ad space.More »
  • Promotion | Hollrr encourages fans of specific products for spreading the word to their friends via email, Facebook and Twitter, and rewards them with deposits into Amazon Flexible Payment Accounts. The Seattle-based website, which is still in beta, has found an innovative way to help small companies launch new products by turning customers into sales(wo)men.More »
  • Marketplace for jobs | California-based ShortTask finds qualified workers for companies in need of help with tasks that are too small to justify hiring an employee: think finding articles, or commenting on Amazon.com. More »
  • Junk removal by students | Washington, D.C.-based College Hunks Hauling Junk hires the friendliest and most trustworthy junk haulers at local colleges and universities, and recycles more than 60 percent of the junk they collect. Businesses that are inherently no sexier than this one can learn from College Hunks and their sister business, College Foxes Hauling Boxes, how to brand their service as fun, personable and responsible. More »
  • Advertising | Ohio-based DOmedia links up media buyers and sellers to place advertisements everywhere from college student notebooks and phone kiosks to golf carts and restrooms. More »
  • Hotels | Dutch hospitality group La Bergère is decorating a new hotel in Maastricht—dubbed, for now, Hotel X—with furniture and knick-knacks that it's buying from ordinary consumers, asking them to scour their spare rooms and attics for unique chairs, ceramics, board games and even plants. More »

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